Thursday, May 15, 2008

whistle while you work

about a year or two ago, i came up with an idea. a concept that was funny and deserving of being told. and i've decided to use that time honored tradition of animation, as well as a version of the same story in the style of the little golden books.  and i'll be using this blog as way to track my progress.  from premise to storyboarding and hopefully all the way to animation.  and on the book front, from sketches to final paintings, and everything in between.  

now the premise of the cartoon is:

Guy 1 owns a bar.  But Guy 2 shows up and tells Guy 1 that he has answered the bet that the two of them have going on.  This means that Guy 2 now owns the bar.  Unless of course, someone can drink 13 shots of the meanest liquor in the place.  It's basically moonshine.  Now Guy 3 doesn't want Guy 2 owning the bar and turning it into a disco.  So Guy 3 takes the 13 shots and saves the day.  Obviously gags run throughout the story.  So stay tuned.

as for the book:

It's got a few obvious changes but still works.  Kid 1 owns a lemonade stand.  Kid 2 shows up and tells Kid 1 that he's won the bet and that Kid 2 gets the secret recipe for the lemonade.  Unless Kid 1 can eat 13 fireball candies.  Kid 3 shows up, eats the candy and saves the day.  

hopefully this all works, and i can get it all done.  stay tuned!

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