Monday, July 14, 2008


Went to see WALL*E this past weekend.  Walked away thinking what an amazing job PIXAR did.  This is for sure one of their best films, and one of my personal favorites along with Ratatouille, Finding Nemo and Monsters INC.  
I really enjoyed the concept of using less speech, and more silent animation, for this movie.  It harkened back to elements of the Charlie Chaplin silent films I remember watching.  One scene in particular-the dancing scene-reminded me of Chaplin's film "Modern Times."  In that picture the Tramp is dancing on roller skates with his lady.  Much like WALL*E and EVE.  Of course there are more examples of the silent movie genre in WALL*E, especially with WALL*E on Earth scavenging thru people's collective junk.  And the Louis Armstrong sung La vie en Rose montage during WALL*E's courtship of EVE was right on the mark.  

On top of all this, there was perhaps the best cartoon short to come around in a very long time. 
The Pixar short Presto was absolutely hilarious.  The gags were great, and the character design well done.  Did anyone else think the magician was Walt?  Bravo to Pixar.  

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