Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Up, up and Away

News from Pixar:

Next summer, Pixar will release their next feature film; Up.  

Plot details are this:  "78 year old Carl is a widower who sets off to head down to South America to live out his dream to explore Paradise Falls in Venezuela.  Most of the movie takes place in the mountains of Venezuela, where Carl eventually lands after his house sails south...along the way, Carl meets numerous other characters and creatures.  One of them is 9 year old Russell.  Russell's collected all the merit badges for the Wilderness Club but one--assisting the elderly.  So Russell stows away in Carl's house and floats with him down to Venezuela."

Check youtube for the teaser trailer.  

I usually see Pixar movies, and this seems like it will not be an exception.  The idea could turn out to be clever.  Hopefully, Pixar will begin to add some gags into their movies.  So many of their movies are ripe for more humor and yet, they continue to stay away from it.  We'll have to see how they approach this one.

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